Whether you want to lose weight, increase fitness or just looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, offering the services to help you achieve your goals!

Judy Rantall has been in the Fitness Industry for over 9 years.

She is an accomplished Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, specializing in Women over 40 with their fitness goals.

Judy is recognised as a leading Menopause health coach with her business partner. They help women with understanding and empowering them. So that they can achieve the best health.

Using a combination of Saliva and Blood tests, understanding individual diets and exercise to bring the health conscious change. Many women have been through the program, losing weight, sleeping better, exercising correctly and gaining control over their life. To live a happy and successful future.

Intra-Abdominal Pressure breathing is another of Judy's abilities. Being able to breath correctly again, giving oxygen back to the body to work at its best. Strengthening the spine, and core muscles for stability and flexibility.

Knowing about movement patterns and how this can effect the nervous systems. Stress is one of the main areas that cause serious health issues. Coaching women how to breath and move correctly is a game changer for so many.


'Personalizing your fitness journey!'