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SPECIAL: Pop-up DYNAMIC YOGA- 6:15 am Monday's 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th August. (Trial)

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Personal Training Click Here to find out more!

HORMONE REFIT: 8 Week Program

Live Seminar: 12th August 2019

Bookings Essential: Limited Places.

$20 per Ticket

Menopausal Symptoms and Weight Gain.

Taking a look at your issues and working with you to uncover and bring your life back into control.

Symptoms of menopause are not normal, find out what your doctor does not tell. It is not for me to diagnose, just to give an interpretation, to prevent illnesses that have devastating effects on this age group.

Information to help you to learn about your body, incorporating what you need with exercise. It is not all about working out more its about working out smarter. Women in their 40's + have different stresses in their lives and on their body's.

How to change that and give you back your life, lose weight, exercise for your needs, eating for health and giving you the tools to live a long and happy life.

Members Special- Massage $1 per minute - 30-45 and 60 minutes available. Call gym reception to book a time.

Breathing I.A.P Relaxation 4 Week Program -  4 x 30 minute sessions over 4 weeks. Learn how to breath for relaxation, core strength, pelvic floor, relieve anxiety and back pain!

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4 x 30 minutes = $195

8 x 30 minutes = $390

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Join as a group 3 to 6 people discount applies!